Start at the beginning; 1961, around 5.45am (loved the dawn ever since – I’m a ‘lark’.) Ma and Pa Brown were lovely, kind middle-class ‘60’s parents. They taught me many things – politeness, courtesy, honesty, respect, truth, being 5 minutes early is on time (thanks Dad) and the beauty and joy of sharing (thanks Mum.)

An old boss once told me he didn’t believe you could teach an old dog new ‘stuff’; he was 23 and I was 26!! I’ve spent the last 30+ years thoroughly enjoying proving him wrong, and I love continuing to discover ‘stuff’ to this day. I loved learning new things, new facts, new ways of being, new ways of doing and (pretty vital in my profession) new ways of seeing.

An aunt gave me my first camera at 12. At 14 an uncle told me I had a good eye; he drove a Rolls and ran a studio – career motivation for a teenager! My 6th form art teacher taught me how to use a darkroom, and how to play ‘Smoke On The Water’ on the guitar…..only one of these things has proved useful……

My first boss after college taught me how to shoot a wedding old school, with 60 frames of film on a Rolleiflex….”and get it right first time, or you're bloody sacked!” I learnt my trade at the coal-face. My next boss taught me the importance of detail and of dedication to your craft.

I’m now my own boss. I’m in Newcastle upon Tyne, with my beautiful wife, my gorgeous daughter and a mad rescue poodle….called Noodle (don't ask.) For over 15 years I’ve run a successful photography business. I love music and still shoot the odd live act. I love travel, walking, camping, watching sunrises, red wine and good food, Italy and its light. My biggest joy is watching my little girl growing into who she wants to be.

And I’m still learning. Still learning about light, about shade, about when to press the shutter button (and, just as important, when not to.) About ‘seeing’ and the power of images. About people, about understanding their stories and how to tell that story without words. If you think I could tell your story, drop me a line or give me a call.